Exchange Ambulance maintains a fleet of five NYS-DOH Certified Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulances.  All ambulances respond with a minimum of two people. They include the ambulance driver and the NYS-DOH Certified Emergency Medical Technician.   

First Responders

Exchange Ambulance also has First Response Vehicles that are staffed by our Chiefs, Captains & Members to respond to many of our calls in addition to our Ambulances to assist with patient care.  These vehicles are always equipped with Basic Life Support (BLS) supplies, but can also be equipped with ALS supplies if operated by a Critical Care or Paramedic Certfied Provider.

Special Operations

Exchange Ambulance maintains Special Operations vehicles for use on standbys, mass casualty incidents  and Rehab.  These vehicles include a special operations truck and trailer, three all-terrain "gator" type vehicles,  as well as a van.